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 I learned something important while in Borseda. I learned that I often don’t fully appreciate things until they are about to end. It’s at that time that I give myself the space to reflect — and that’s no way to appreciate the life one is given.

Of course there was space for writing. For that I am very grateful. An ancient village house, perfectly furnished, in a stunning setting: what more could a writer ask for? Even winter’s last chill didn’t take away from this. (though it certainly helped that my husband, Austin, who was with me is a sorta wood-burning-stove-whisperer) And the delicious (and cheap!) homemade wine from two villages over helped with both the cold and writing too. In Borseda, I finished up an essay that was later published in Guernica. I read, a lot. I dreamt of ideas for future projects.  

But it was departing from Borseda when I think the real gift of the place hit me: I had spent the month in Borseda worrying about what comes next and this took away from fully breathing in life in the Calice valley. It’s beautiful, laid-back Italy, so close to the beaten track, but off of it enough so that you feel removed from the world. It’s the peace that comes from such a place of splendor, of beauty, of ancient ways, that forces us to slow down and teach us just what we need to learn.

— Laura Kasinof

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